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Christine Chapel
3 December
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Christine Chapel was born in Biloxi, Mississippi to Lauren and Patterson Chapel on December 4, 2237. From a young age, Christine was interested in a wide variety of arts, including dance, photography, and painting. Her mother, a homemaker, fueled her love for the arts by taking her to any and all lessons she could. Her father, the owner of a tobacco farm, attempted to get her into sports, but was disappointed. The Chapel family welcomed another bouncing baby girl on October 7, 2246, named Carol Chapel. The two of them became quite a bit alike at a young age.

When Carol was born, and Christine spent time at the hospital, she became fascinated with the prospect of medicine. She asked the nurses and doctors all sorts of questions. It was the she decided that she would like to work in medicine somehow. The older she got the harder she worked, and when she was sixteen, she was accepted to Ole Miss University into their nursing school. Leaving home was difficult, but Christine found that once she got off her father's farm, the world suddenly became that much bigger. Four years later, Christine turned her goals upward--into space. She joined Starfleet and for four years worked to make it onto one of the ships. She was finally hired by Dr. Leonard McCoy, and worked up to being Head Nurse on the U.S.S. Enterprise.

As of right now, Christine is involved romantically with Commander Spock, and continues her work as the Head Nurse. While she can be a little flighty, she's excellent at her job, and always willing to make a friend. She'd do practically anything for her friends and for Spock, to the ends of the galaxies.


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